The Bend Pet Express Dog Wash attendants are always here to help wash your four-legged friends, and trim their nails…but they are also here to help educate all of us! Nail trims are such an essential routine for our pups, especially if they don’t run and walk as much as they would in the wild.

Below are two photo that demonstrate how important nail trims are. The ‘Before’ shot shows the dogs two front feet. Looking at the photo the left foot ( Dogs right foot) has not been trimmed yet. Notice the two outside toes twisting out and away from the foot. The right foot ( Dogs left foot ) has already been trimmed. Notice how “cat like” the toes are, tight and together allowing the pads full access to the ground in a healthy way. Dog toe/foot pads relay information to the dog like where the ground is, what angle the slope/stairs are, etc. When toes get twisted due to long nails, signals get mixed and dogs start trying to compensate by standing differently resulting in more strain in their skeletal structure.
In the ‘After’ shot, notice how the toes are closer together? This allows a more balance and proper signal from dog feet/pad to brain, resulting in a better stance, less chance of long term health issues in toes, etc.