It’s time to hike with your dog!


There’s nothing better than getting outside to explore Central Oregon with your four-legged friends. Whether your heading up Cascades Lakes Highway, or staying closer in town, be sure to check out these tips to make sure your pup is happy, healthy and safe!


1. Make a List and Check it Twice.

  • Are your doggies nails short enough to walk without pain?
  • Do you have a leash that’s less than 6 feet long? Are the collar and tags securely attached?
  • Do you have enough water, a travel bowl, food and snacks?
  • Do you have poop bags? (You can never have enough poop bags!)


2. Location, location, location.
Be sure to find a dog friendly hike. If it’s going to be a super hot day, find a trail with more shade that will be gentle on your dog’s feet. Get boots to protect your dogs tender pads if you’re hiking off trail. And be aware of what wildlife you might encounter.


3. Stay Hydrated.
Be sure to bring plenty of water for you and Fido. Watch for signs of dehydration and fatigue such as heavy panting, whining or refusing to continue walking. If this happens stop and rest in the shade and give your doggie extra water.


4. Pick up after your pooch.
Nothing ruins a hike like stepping in a not so pleasant surprise. Don’t be “that guy” who leaves poop on the trail.


5. Is it hunting season?
Take extra precaution when hiking during hunting season. Try reflective or bright dog clothing to help your furry companion stand out in the forest.


6. Post hike tips.
Check for cheat grass, ticks, fleas and cuts. Double check paws, pads and in-between toes.


7. Have Fun!
Bend offers endless opportunities to hike with your tail-wagger, such as Green Lakes Trail, Dillon Falls and Smith Rock.


Set your dog up for success before your adventure and know what you’re “hiking” into. And pop by Bend Pet Express for the gear and treats you need to hike with your dog!