Don’t you just love the holidays? I, myself, LOVE the Holidays!

There are so many things to love — treats, music, family, friends, new toys (especially the ones that squeak!). But the best thing of all is the decorating.

Shiny, colorful ornaments, bright lights, fresh pine wreaths, trees, menorahs…you name it, I love it!

I don’t understand Abby, though. She doesn’t seem to like decorating that much. Maybe a new catnip toy would help lift her spirits.

I know what lifts my spirits! COLORING!!!

So, even though Abby doesn’t get nearly as excited about decorating as I do, I wanted to make this month’s coloring page festive and fun!

Download the Coloring Page Here!

Get out your brightest colors and have fun with this one. Bring your best work into the store and show it off to the Bend Pet Express crew, they love art, especially when I’m in it!

No matter what your favorite things are about this time of year, we hope you have as much as you can handle and a very Happy Holiday season from Ben, Abby, and everyone at Bend Pet Express!
Thanks for a great year Central Oregon!

Ho Ho Ho, hee hee hee!,

Ben (the dog)