Walking your dog is vital to his or her their health and happiness (and it’s good for you too)! But if you’ve ever wondered, “What are the benefits of walking my dog” you’re not alone. You rush to get to work in the morning and are tired once you get home, so it’s not always easy to find the time. Here’s why you should strap on your walking shoes and make time to go for regular walks with your fur-ever friend.

Dogs need mental stimulation

Your pooch wants, and needs, to experience the sights, sounds and smells around them. One of the best gifts you can give them is allowing them to discover their surroundings by sniffing and marking. Let your dog be a dog.

Walking your dog is great exercise

Exercise is vital for dogs no matter their size or breed. It helps them maintain a good weight, strong muscles and general overall health.

Perfect time to practice training

Some walks are quick to allow your dog to (ahem) potty. Others are to let them play, but all walks are the perfect time for training.

Getting out and about with your pup is the perfect way to bond

Do you really need an excuse to hang with the cutest pup in town? Put down your phone and give Fido your undivided attention. There is no better time to connect with your fur baby.

Walking your dog can help release energy and eliminate problem behavior

We know, YOUR dog is perfect. 😉 But some pooches have too much energy (and they get bored) which can lead to chewing, scratching and eating your favorite pair of boots.

Walking is good for your mental, physical and spiritual health!

Trim your waistline, give your self a break from the daily grind and appreciate the beauty of your environment (especially here in Bend). Just a few extra steps a day can strengthen your heart and give you more energy.

Your pooch is dependent on you for food, safety, health, shelter and love. They also rely on you to show them the world. So grab a leash and spend some quality time with your best friend.