This past week a recall has emerged from Evanger’s, a dog food brand that we carry in our stores. This is Evanger’s first recall in the 82 year history of the company. The particular product in question is their very popular Hunk of Beef canned food. This was a voluntary recall by the company and while we have taken the additional precaution of removing this product from our shelves for the time being but we wanted to reach out to you and provide you with some additional information on the recall.

The short of the recall is this;
One dog has died after eating the canned food, and three others were sickened.
All four dogs belong to the same Washington State based family, and ate food from the same can of food.
No other reports of dogs being sickened by this or other Evanger’s products have emerged.

Both the dogs and that one specific can of food have tested positive for a drug called pentobarbital which is commonly used to euthanize animals that will not be used for human or pet food. Evanger’s has terminated its relationship with the supplier from that batch of beef despite a 40-year history of doing business together.

We have removed the product in question from our shelves until we can be absolutely certain that the recall will not be extended to other batches and that no additional pets become sick from this product. Keep an eye on our Facebook page or look for a follow up email from us when all is clear again.

If you would like some additional information, the excellent publication The Whole Dog Journal has an article on the recall, Evanger’s has posted a video explaining the situation from their point of view and they have a very extensive post on their website as well.

Please feel free to reach out to us in the store, online at or by phone at 541-639-4027. Thanks for your amazing support as our customers and we hope to see you soon!

The Whole Dog Journal:
Evanger’s YouTube Video:
Evanger’s Updated Blog Post: