I know winter is still in the air, but can’t you feel the love in the air too?!? As pets somehow we can get away with chewing on that favorite slipper or having an accident in the house and still within no time we’re playing or cuddling, or napping, or going for a walk. Being a pet is the best!

Abby and I have been hanging out together for a little over a year now and you can call it a kiss when I lick the side of her head if you want, but really she’s kind of a slob so sometimes she has food stuck in her fur. Yeah, I’m sticking with that. So, while we’ve grown attached to each other, I don’t think she’d call it love. Regardless, we did get together for this awesome Valentine’s Day coloring page for your enjoyment.

Grab your colored pencils or crayons and have a great time coloring this for someone you love.
Download the PDF here