Hey! Ben, the Bend Pet Express Dog Mascot here,

Usually I have some funny story about how I scared Abby and she fell off the window sill mid-nap (don’t worry, she’s a cat – they always land on their feet, even when they are asleep). Today however, I want to talk about something more serious. There are all kinds of things going on in the month of May, but at the end of the month we have Memorial Day.

Many people, dogs, and cats, think that this is just a great reason to have a long weekend. Why? Because long weekends are great! Long walks, mini trips, BBQs, and all that good stuff. Memorial Day is celebrated the last week in May and pays tribute to those who have died serving in the military. Don’t get it confused with Veteran’s Day in November that honors all who have served in the military – Nothing makes you look more foolish than thanking a Veteran for their service on Memorial Day!

I’m a dog, so I’d never recommend not taking an opportunity to have fun, but this Memorial Day take a moment to remember someone who may be a friend, family member, or just a community member that gave the ultimate sacrifice to serve their country.

In honor, Abby and I have a Memorial Day themed coloring page for you to enjoy – We’d love to see your finished product so bring it by one of our stores and show it off.

Happy May everyone and in honor of a serious posting, I just scared Abby out of a tree. It was a low branch and she did land on her feet.

Download the Coloring PDF by CLICKING HERE.