Sanitize your pet’s food storage containers
Did you know oils from your pet food left in storage containers can cause issues for your cats and dogs? Be sure to clean and dry them each time you switch out your pet food or to keep the food in the original bag within the container.

Go through your pet’s toys
Cats and dogs use their mouths and paws to play with their toys which means the toys aren’t all that sanitary. It’s up to you to keep the germs away. Go through their toys and get rid of any that are damaged or could harm your pets. Wash rubber toys on the top rack of the dishwasher using vinegar (don’t worry the smell will disappear) and throw soft toys (which can be full of dust mites) into the washing machine then air dry.

Inspect your pet’s food and treat expiration dates
Spring is the perfect time to check dates on all food and treats (you should use them all within a month). And remember to keep all edible pet products in a cool, dry place.

Check your pet’s equipment
You may not have noticed, but dog collars can get stinky!  Time to give them a wash. Simply put collars in a bowl with your pet’s favorite shampoo, soak for fifteen minutes then rinse and air dry. This way collars get clean without damaging the integrity of the collar. Now is a good time to check and replace all grooming supplies that are damaged or expired.

Wash your pet’s beds and crates
Your dog and cat beds can attract dirt, dander and grime. If your bed has a removable cover throw it in the wash on cold cycle. Make sure your detergent doesn’t contain any dyes or harsh chemicals. Put it in the dryer for about 20 minutes than air dry.

Replace vacuum and air filters
Filters hide dander.

Clean furniture and carpets
If you’re grooming your pet regularly then you’re already ahead of the curve. Get a good vacuuming, maybe even professional cleaning for carpets and furniture, use a Hepa air filter.

Manage waste areas by picking up after winter and cleaning litter boxes
Snow and inclement weather may put the poop pick up on hold, but now that spring is in the air we don’t want anything else in the air. Grab some biodegradable bags or your favorite pooper scooper and give the yard a once over.

And remember to always use pet friendly products.  Need some help getting started with spring cleaning? Visit our website or store and one of our staff will be happy to help. Now you can even order online and have everything you need delivered right to your home or office in Redmond, Sunriver or Bend the next day for free!