You know what it’s like getting older: new aches and pains, harder to lose weight, dental problems. Well, the same things that happen to us happen to our dogs and cats. Old age means different things to different breeds, so it’s important to know what’s considered old age for your particular cat or dog, but pay attention to following signs of aging, so you are able to ease your pets into their later years.
1. Weight Gain
As your dog or cat gets older you might notice weight gain. That’s because their metabolism changes. They no longer need as many calories. Senior pet food has less calories (and sometimes fat) so you can feed your pet the same amount that its used to. Or you can keep feeding them the same food, but should feed him or her less.
2. Aching Joints
Does your older dog have trouble getting up or down, getting on the couch or climbing stairs? Then she probably has joint problems. At Bend Pet Express we have plenty of joint specific products, anti-inflammatory and pain relief options.
3. Lower Immunity
Immunity tends to weaken with age. Signs of a lower immune system include lethargy, weakness, loss of appetite and hotspots. There are plenty of solutions and one effective way to help improve overall health and immunity is a healthy change in diet.
4. Slower digestion
With aging comes slowing down of everything including digestion. While kibble is notoriously difficult to digest for your young pets, it’s even harder in senior dogs & cats. Digestion aids can help bad breath, gas, and overall better absorption.
5. Dental health
Sometimes a senior pet will look like it has suddenly become a picky eater, but the problem is simply that its teeth hurt, so it doesn’t want to eat hard kibble anymore. It’s important to visit the vet regularly and use dental products during your dogs lifetime.
6. Lower energy
It’s normal for your pets to start slowing down as they get older. Lower energy means they won’t be able to perform the same ways they used to. What used to be a 5k might now simply be a walk to the mailbox. Be sure to know their limits and take it easy.
Do you think your dog is aging? Stop by Bend Pet Express, or use our online chat, and we can help you find the right products to help ease your dog into his or her later years of life.