First of all congratulations. Adopting a cat is a big decision. Your willingness to open your heart and your home is admirable! Now let’s make sure you’re prepared, so your new cat starts feeling at home as soon as possible.

What to buy for your new cat

First of all, you’re going to need supplies. Here are the basics to get you started:

  • litter box & litter scoop
  • cat litter
  • food and water bowls
  • food
  • scratching posts
  • stimulating toys
  • cushy bed
  • Brush
  • toothbrush
  • nail clippers

Seems like a lot doesn’t it? It’s okay if you’re overwhelmed. We’re here to help!

Cat proofing your home

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a cat? Well, now is your chance. Go through your home with a cat’s eye to find places and spaces where they can hide, get hurt or damage household items.

  1. Cat’s need to scratch, so you’ll need to place scratching posts in your home and entice your cat to use them. Otherwise they will use your furniture. If they are confused by the cat scratcher, hang a safe cat toy on top or sprinkle it with catnap.
  2. Look for places where your cat might climb (which is everywhere) and move items that could potentially fall and break or injure your cat.
  3. Make sure vents and registers are closed, so your cat doesn’t go inside.
  4. Get a cat tree if you can. Cats love observing and resting in a high place.

Preparing a space for your new cat

Cats are sensitive to new environments. In fact, they’ve been known to hide in closets or under furniture for days until they feel comfortable, so let’s do our part to make sure they have a safe room and area.

  1. Prepare a quiet room in your house that will be used to help your cat adjust.
  2. Set up the food, water and liter box.
  3. Create a small space for your cat to hide in such as a crate, a covered cat bed or a box with a door cut out. Make sure your cat can see the doorway to the room from their space, so they don’t get startled when people enter the room.
  4. Remind family members to keep other pets away from the cat for now.

Hopefully this helps you feel more settled with what to do before you adopt a cat. Stay tuned for our next blog on how to help your cat adjust to his or her new home.