Food Return Program:
Because of our generous return policy on pet food we end up with a huge amount of returned food every month. Rather than let it go to waste we donate it to non-profit groups. This is good for you as a consumer and great for pets in need! We regularly work with manufacturers to supply organizations with entire palates of food, sometimes as many as 60 bags at a time! Returned beds, crates, toys, and other supplies are also donated.

4th of July Pet Parade:
Bend Pet Express is the title sponsor for Bend Oregon’s famous Pet Parade. The parade marches through downtown Bend every 4th of July. It is so much fun and it keeps growing every year. Thousands of people line the streets to wave and cheer on the dogs, horses, lizards, and even a fish. The last few years the famous “Flying Chihuahua” has floated through town in his helium balloon harness! Come check it out. It is totally free and everyone is invited to join in.

Bend Spay & Neuter:
Every year we do major fundraisers for Bend Spay & Neuter. They do incredible work and we do all we can to support their great organization.

Bend Furry Friend Finder:
Brought to you by our friends and Bend S.N.I.P., Furry Friend Finder is a resource to reach out to the community to find missing pets. Click Here to join their list.

Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest:
We are proud to be able to work with Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest. Their goal is to find responsible loving homes for Greyhounds, which fail to qualify or no longer qualify for the racetrack. Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest acquaints the public with the desirability of Greyhounds as pets and informs them of the availability of these dogs for adoption. Check the events page to see when the next adoptions will be.

We work with several shelters and rescues all the time. Bend is such an amazing place that offers opportunities to save animals and provide them with loving homes. Here are the organizations we work with to make sure that safe home placement never ends in our community; Fido Love, CRAFT, High Desert Wild Life Rescue & Rehab, Brightside(Redmond), HSCO, Greyhounds NW, Lead & Love, Meet a Retired Racer, 3 Rivers Humane Society, and Oregon Outback Humane Society.

Outreach Groups:
We get food donations and food returns for our customers a lot. We don’t want any food to go wasted so we work with these organizations to make sure every animals gets fed;Central Oregon Veteran’s Outreach, Cascade Youth & Family, and Homeless Leadership Coalition.

Community Service:
Bend Pet Express understands the importance of our community. We jump at the chance to contribute. Over the last year we have teamed up with the following organizations; The Bloom Project where we did a bag credit donation, were and event sponsor and did a vase donation. We did a Big Brothers Big Sisters fundraiser this year. For Neighbor Impact we did a food & employee money donation. We have done the food bank, multiple fundraisers, and t-shirt sponsorships for HOPE/Bend SNP. BPE was able to do food donations to Meals on Wheels via Bend Villa Retirement Center. The sponsorship of Jingle Bell Run with the Arthritis Foundation. We do and annual fundraiser and sponsorship for Pilot Butte. With Compassionate Canines Donations we worked with Delta, Therapy Dogs & Pet Partners to do the Volunteer Disco along with Guide Dogs for the Blind. With BAAD we did a sponsorship for agility trials. For the Crook County Search & Rescue we do a volunteer discount and bag credit donation Bend Parks & Recs, Battle Buddies, Dog Pac, Pet Evacuation Team, 31 Paws, Pride, & Fences for Fido.

Trainers are a huge aspect of the success at Bend Pet Express, and we love working with them! Dancing’ Woofs-Kristin Kerner(daycare, kennel, training), Desert Sage-Stephanie&Bill Morris(daycare, kennel, training), Deschutes River Dogs/Dogs on the Couch-Chris Waggoner, Pawsitive Experience-Meredith Gage, Dogaerobics-Jane Devlin(training & sled dog rehab)

Health Services:
Health Services are important to the BPE culture. We believe that a happier pet starts with a healthier diet…and make sure our pets stay healthy doesn’t just stop there. Heart to Heart Connections with Dr.Bernadette Hartman works with aromatherapy, communication and chiropractics for dogs. Positive Strides with Kristen Wohler works in rehab and conditioning for dogs. Michelle Rockwell and Laurie Ness works in Massage for dogs.

Bend Pet Express is proud to be involved in our community.

We work with many local organizations to help make Bend a better place for pets and their owners.

We strive to make a difference and improve our community by doing fundraisers, donations, and pet food donations.