Calming Products

Trying to find the best way to help your furry friend with anxiety can be difficult, so here are some of the top recommendations from our Bend Pet Express staff. All of us have used one or more of these products on our own furry family and have narrowed all of the options down to our favorites. 

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Best Over all Calming Supplement

Our favorite over all calming product is the Happy Traveler treats. Happy Traveler comes in a soft treat and a capsule which contains a higher dose for those pets that might need more help. Dogs and cats both benefit from Happy Traveler and it’s all natural ingredients. Travel, crowd anxiety, loud noises? Happy Traveler can help!

Best For Specific Situations

If your pup seems to only start feeling anxiety during specific situations the Thundershirt can be a great help! You put the Thundershirt on before the stressful situation and the constant, gentle pressure has a huge calming effect on your pup. Great for seperation, storms, fireworks and many more causes of stress. 

BEST for Long term and everyday

Some dogs and cats need some daily help with extra stress, such as a newly rescued animal. For these situations we like to recommend one of our CBD products. CBD is made from 100% hemp and the cannabinoid has been shown to help with pain, inflammation, and anxiety. When used as a daily supplement the CBD can work wonders on helping your pet feel less anxious from day to day.

Best non-edible calming product

If you would prefer to avoid trying to remember a dose or treat, the Sentry Calming Collar is a great option! The collar slowly releases a pheromone that creates a calming cloud around your dog or cat. The best thing about the collar is that it stays activated for a full 30 days! This means you can attach the collar and the calming pheromone will be with your furry friend for a full month to help with any stressful situations such as introducing a new pet to your home or a move.

Best feline anxiety help

Cats can be a little trickier when it comes to trying to feed them an edible treat or calming supplement. That is why we like to suggest Feliway. This product comes as a spray or diffuser of a calming pheromone. Since the application is more of a location base, it is very simple to use for your felines and for multiple stressful situation. Introducing a kitty to a new home, the spray works great in the rooms they are staying in. If you need to travel you can spray down the travel crate to help ease the stress  in the car or on the way to a vet visit.