Fetch Toys

Fetch can be a pups favorite game to play with you and there are many different toy options to pick from. After testing many of our toys ourselves we have narrowed it down to some of our top recommendations! 

Best Over all fetch toy

The ChuckIt! is going to be the best over all fetch toy. The handle allows you to pick up and throw balls without having to bend over or grab a slobbery toy. When the tennis ball is to chewed up or lost, the standard size lets you replace the ball with many different ball options. You can also buy glow in the dark options for those warm summer nights or early nights of winter. 

Best frisbee

The West Paw Dash is the best for those frisbee pups! The West Paw Dash is light weight but still flies very well, even compared to the heavier plastic ones. The soft design helps prevent dogs from hurting their mouths and is light for smaller dogs to easily fetch. The Dash also floats for those swimmers! West Paw also offers a one time replacement guarantee. This lets you trade in a chewed up Dash for one free one! 


The JW Hol-Ee Roller is a light weight ball that is very easy for puppies to grab and play with. The bouncy rubber is light enough that even playing fetch indoors will keep walls and wood floors safe from scuffs. The hollow design also allows you to stuff the ball with treats to keep puppies entertained. 

Best for heavy chewers and outdoor play

Jolly Pets Romp-N-Roll is a great choice for either big chewers or outdoor play with your pup! The attached rope makes the large ball easy to pick up, toss and tug. The size of the Romp-N-Roll makes it a little more difficult to chew up giving you more play time with those bigger dogs and strong chewers.