What Does Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Mean?

Alright, we’re coming clean. The prices in our online store are sometimes higher than the prices in our brick and mortar stores

Our policy is to always offer the best price possible whether you shop in our stores or on our website. So while our lowest prices may not always be available online, there IS a very good reason for it. That reason is something called Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP).

In its simplest form, minimum advertised pricing (MAP) is the lowest price a retailer (like us) can advertise the product for sale. To clarify, this does not refer to the lowest price we can sell it for in our stores, it’s just the lowest that we can show online or in an advertisement. Here’s the kicker, if we advertise our prices below MAP, the manufacturer has the right (under U.S. antitrust statutes) to pull their products from our store and refuse to let us sell them again in the future.

So are there ways around this? Yes! If you’ve ever seen something online like “See Price in Shopping Cart” then that retailer is leaning on a specific interpretation of the MAP rules. Essentially, so far, the US courts have ruled that once you put something in your shopping cart, it is no longer being advertised and can thus be sold without regard for MAP. At the time this post was published, Bend Pet Express does not utilize this interpretation of the laws and has decided to simply follow the MAP guidelines set aside by our manufacturers. The risk is simply too high for us at this time.

You’ll always find our best pricing in our stores, but the website does have its advantages! Free next day delivery is always amazing and you can take 5% off when you setup a recurring AutoShip schedule. Need food every 3 weeks? No problem. Set it and never run out of food again 🙂